• ​TREE REMOVAL: We can remove any tree on your property dead or alive, no matter where its located.

  • ​TREE PRUNING: We can remove all dead limbs , thin the interior, elevate the entire canopy, and provide roof clearance.

  • ​STUMP GRINDING: We grind the stump and roots and go below the surface up to 18 inches . After we are finished the ground should be level with the rest of the yard.

  • ​CERTIFIED ARBORIST : We do tree inspections , tree risk assessment ,and maintain the trees while keeping the trees health in mind.

  • ​FIREWOOD: We sell firewood and deliver and stack as well.

  • ​DEBRIS HAULING : We haul away all tree debris when working at your home and we also do a thorough cleanup.

  • ​24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICES: We can come to your home at all hours to work on a tree emergency .


816 Rocky Point Rd. Cordova, Tn 38018